Currently available trainings cover the basic information related to the software and a brief overview of its functions. Our courses guarantee more. They will give you a chance to further develop your practical skills essential for realisation of a project. It will let you save time that can be devoted to other challenges.
An example of an online support training schedule while working on site
Options- explanation of available features as well as their possible adjustments.
MFG- operating principles and their importance during the simulation process; how to use them.
Multiple Part Appearance- operating principles; how to use it to increase efficiency and avoid mistakes.
Process Simulate Standalone (Disconnected) – the difference between working with and without a base; how to handle changes when dealing with Standalone.
Location Manipulator – operating principles and their dependence of location.
Robot Configuration – operating principles, Taught Configuration, defining a robot’s route without unneeded movements.
Robot Properties/Robot setup – tool/base, download/upload settings, resetting the robot, RCS, simulation monitor.
Offline vs. Online – easily solved on-site problems. A robot does not follow the route or does not move at all- a step-by-step guide.
The tools on site are mounted different from the simulation – how to quickly fix the issue offline.
The schedule is flexible. If you would like to focus on other aspects, such as: the basics of Process Simulate, Process Designer, Process Simulate and database, construction, kinematics, let us know. We are more than willing to help. If your project is stuck and you think our assistance might be needed, contact us, we also offer consults to help you move on with it.
The place
The trainings take place in your company using your equipment and software.
Date and time
To be adjusted individually; depends on the scope of the training.
To be adjusted individually; depends on the scope of the training.